Perl Email Project

We're Too Agile for the Web!

We've ditched our wiki in Dec 2009. So far, nobody has felt like building a web page with anything of substance on it. We must be too busy doing cool stuff! Maybe we'll put more here. If you want to volunteer to help...

Getting Involved

The easiest way to get involved with the Perl Email Project is to join the mailing list! You'll be able to see what's going on, ask your questions, and start up new discussions about your ideas.

Keeping an eye on the web page is also a good idea.

Mailing List

The Perl Email Project has a mailing list. Joining the mailing list is the best way to get involved with what's actually happening with the PEP.

To subscribe, send a blank email to the subscribe address.

There is an archive of past posts.

Internet Relay Chat

There is an IRC channel for the discussion of email and Perl on, #email.

Project History